A Basic Overview Of Trouble-free Tactics For Designs

Feb 27, 2017

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Bruce Rauner as part of a larger deal to end the state's two-year state budget impasse. Here's the key pitch to his union friends: "We're going to save $1 billion a year, and that billion is going to go right back into our discretionary spending for schools, higher education and human services. "It's too bad that we have to do it, but it's not as Draconian from a Democrat's point of view," Cullerton said. Illinois is not the only state where current employees' benefits are being measured for potential savings. Two California court cases are on track to bring the issue of cutting future benefits for current employees before the state Supreme Court there, and pension reform advocates are excited about the prospects. Separate panels in lower appellate courts have backed reformers, carrying the theme that "pension rights are not immutable," particularly when it comes to future benefits accrued from future work. "If the Supreme Court agrees... the legal door will be open for Californians to begin to take reasonable actions to save pension systems and local governments from fiscal disaster," suggests Chuck Reed, a former mayor of San Jose who currently serves on the board of the Washington D.C.-based Retirement Security Initiative.


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