An Ideas Breakdown On Intelligent Restaurants Secrets

Mar 25, 2017

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Midway through the movie, Assayas introduces both a murder-mystery subplot and a mysterious correspondentpossibly alive, possibly notwho texts Maureen and gradually works his way past her defenses. Along with the ghosts, these elements form the spiritual interrogation the movie puts Maureen through, an interrogation that will not so much settle the question of her brothers place in the next world as illuminate her place in this one. Much of the movie consists of simply watching Maureen go about her day, from appointment to appointment, riding on trains or on her moped through the Paris streets (captured in autumnal, blue-gray twilight tones by cinematographer Yorick le Saux), making snap decisions as she flips through racks of clothing laid out for her inspection. Stewart is in nearly every scene, and shes phenomenal. Assayas knows how to clear a space for actresses who understand how to exist in front of the camera rather than to let us catch them acting. Like Maggie Cheung in Irma Vep (1996) and Clean (2004), or Asia Argento in Boarding Gate (2007), such actresses insist we come to them, the better to register the nuances of performances that are both interior and emotionally direct. Stewarts face registers wild currents of fear and anxiety, currents that disrupt the seemingly tough, hard set of her expression like a sudden surge of the Richter scale. Its a masterfully controlled portrait of psychic vulnerability. Her Maureen comes to stand for the contemporary self-sufficiency that nags us at every turn with the specter of whats missing from our lives.